Westmeath Communications is offering four new onsite workshops to help ensure you and your business partners come across as clear, confident and compelling when making internal and external presentations, participating in panel discussions and delivering speeches.
The four workshops are each designed to address different communications challenges facing today’s executives, from ensuring you’re prepared to explain your company’s WHY, to helping women use effective communication skills to tip the power scale in their favor.

Bookings for Westmeath’s Workshop Series for fall 2018 are filling up now. Click below to schedule a half-day or full-day visit from our team to your team.

What's Your Purpose?

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. In today’s crowded marketplace, your because – your purpose – drives customer engagement and long-term loyalty. Based on best-selling author and TED speaker Simon Sinek’s WHY methodology, this workshop brings your team together to define and agree upon your organization’s purpose. Westmeath advisors and marketing industry veterans Renata Dolz and Melinda Cross lead the hands-on seminars.

Persuasive Storytelling

Westmeath advisors Melinda Cross and Renata Dolz will guide you and your team as you develop transformative storylines that reinforce business priorities, build connections with outside audiences and show how everyone in the organization can personalize the broader story as their own.

Be better® Presenter

Effective presentations are memorable and spur positive action, while many the client has been lost over poor presentations. Westmeath advisor Michael Baldwin, an accomplished advertising industry veteran and bestselling author, will help you and your team develop stunning presentations that use language and graphics to drive home your message. He’ll also videotape and critique your delivery and execution, so you’re primed for success.

Women, Language & Power

In short, language matters. And in the C-suite, effective language is critical for establishing presence, building consensus and demonstrating power. This can sometimes put women at a disadvantage. Communications coach Susannah Baldwin understands how use of language can make a major difference for women executives. She will show how your different speaking styles can maximize impact, change behavior and get better results.

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