We hit the ground running.

Founded in 2010, Westmeath is a strategic alternative to traditional communication agencies and consulting firms. Each engagement is staffed by a handpicked member of our Netsortium®, our eco-system of seasoned marketing, communications and strategy experts with deep industry expertise. All of our Netsortium members run their own businesses and led in-house and agency teams. They appreciate the 24/7, global environment and the pressures of juggling multiple projects with demanding deadlines.

Together, we bring deep category expertise and utilize time-tested processes and methodologies to drive business results. We gravitate to complex problems and are unfettered by the bureaucracy and politics often found in big agencies. We pride ourselves on our creative, entrepreneurial and nimble execution.

Our work is grounded in an unwavering set of shared values:


Integrity is at the core of who we are. It’s about trust and fairness and sharing our perspective, even when it’s unpopular.



The choice to be frank, open and candid in all communications is essential to building an effective partnership. We believe It leads to impartiality and efficiency and fosters success.



Sharing a different perspective takes courage. We believe good counsel is steeped in healthy discussions.



Critical Mass

Our network of experts includes strong teams in key hubs and industry centers around the world. While we pride ourselves on being virtual, we have critical mass in major markets in the US and Europe.


Strategic Partners

We partner with a small group of boutique agencies to complement the specialized services we offer.

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